Maybe I Could Have

The press of the season.
The squeeze of this time.
Like a pressure cooker some days.

Moments where I say to myself I should have done things different before all of this...

Said "yes" to those sleepovers.
And welcomed the carpooling.
Should have thrived in those uncomfortable social gatherings.
And made an effort more over there.

Should have this...
Should have that..
Could have this...
Could have that...

Yet I realize...
I can only live within the grace I receive.

The grace to say yes?
Well, those days I didn't have it!

The grace to be busy?
I was craving the down time.

The grace to go out?
I thought there was a next time!

The grace to make the effort?
It's okay to say no.

So here's to the times where I declined before this!
Here's to the moments I chose rest!
One big "Hip Hip Hooray!" for the choice to be alone!
The days where I craved quiet before the crowd.

And here's to the grace I received for today!
The perspective to know what's important.
The understanding to see the difference between striving and rest.
The safety I live within His sovereignty.

He says, "Like in Jeremiah, I still hold the cup."
He says, "For this day I give you the grace for these things."

And tomorrow, He is faithful to give it again.
One day at a time.


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