The Space it Falls

 The farmer plants the seed

Night and day the seeds sprout and grow,

But the farmer doesn't understand it.

How did it happen?

The earth produces the crop on it's own. 

The farmer plants the seed into the Earth, 

but dependent on the status of the Earth it's planted in to, 

they grow on their own. 

Her job is to simply plant. 

Keep planting. 

Be the seed sowing farmer and leave the Earth to the Earth.

Lacking intimacy, 

the Earth will be brittle.



Tilling and fertilizing lead to sprouting,

To blooming,

To fruit. 

How can seeds bloom without good soil?

Consider the mustard seed,

The smallest of all the seeds yet in good soil,

It grows the biggest. 

So it doesn't depend on the seed,  

It depends on how rich the soil is. 

The fruit doesn't depend on how much is deposited, 

It depends on intimacy. 

The simplicity of intimacy is surrender.

Living in His daily Presence.

Loving and trusting Him. 

Not hiding anything.

Being weak and living in that need for Him. 

So we lean in. 

We allow His tender care. 

He perfects every element.

He adds what we need and takes away what we have excess of.

So when the seed falls.

It lands on the Earth that is ready for another level of growth.

And we bloom. 


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