Unravel Me

    There is a wind blowing

One I cannot see,

He tells me it's moving where He sent it.

As though the whole world can feel the breeze, 

And some it rests on for awhile.

It offers peace


A way out.

It gifts a Presence


Protection in Defense

I can't seem to catch it,

Or see it go.

I know that it's moving as He told me so.

I look to the right and He offers it there

To the left He is making it known

To the West and the East

Across borders

Amoung nations.

Let it whisper, Lord

This is my prayer, 

That the words would cause an unraveling.

A beautiful release that sets their world in motion

An invitation to surrender

An invitation to letting go...

So, I listen for that wind.

Watch the trees for a ripple...

Sense the motion all around me.

And stay willing.

For in His timing I will know

I will reach and not let go.

He is so good.

So warm.

So gentle.

My Father.

I open my arms in release.

I open my soul to receive.

Like a liquid offering.

All of me.

For You.

Let it unravel me.

Let it unravel them. 

Until all Your work is done.



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