Two Masters

Soaking in Matthew 6

A lifestyle of Intimacy

The call to go further

Deeper still

He says my eye is my lamp

And I might not even know if I am actually in the dark

If the eye is the lamp

There's a power source

The Oneness I live in with Him

In Intimacy I align with Christ

I find a Kingdom Mindset I can't produce on my own

And then I let Him be the Power Source

I can't source it on my own

Be my own light

In Intimacy I can hear His voice

Feel His nudge

See His call

He untangles the weeds I have let overgrow

Until I am left to bend and sway with the wind

To flow

To breathe

He says I am His pride and joy

He takes care of me



He doesn't miss a thing

No worry of provision

Or status

Or image

These things fill the hole He placed there for Himself

Keep my light a light

Prayer for the light that's really darkness I can't see

Prayer for His eyes

His perspective over me

The human push/pull

Serving Two Masters is impossible

The world vs. Him

Letting imperfection drive my action 

Instead of receiving His Perfection

Live in surrender

Release further

Be all in

That's how 

He says SEEK

Seek means actively ask for


So I ask my Father,

"What do you see?"

"What do you have for me?"







Grabbing hold of the fullness He offers me


Be my light source, O God.

I surrender all.


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